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  • » MINISTRY Rental Service owned 1200m2 LED screens - up to 520m2 of a brand new outdoor LED screen from one series.

    dátum vloženia: 21.01.2021

    A hot news in our warehouse is the NEW outdoor LED screen P4.8 and P3.9 which is built for outdoor use, resistant to rain and with a brightness of up to 4700cd / m2 can display a high quality and contrasting image even in strong sunlight and is suitable for festivals and various open air events.

    Thanks to the refresh rate of 3000hz, it is also ideal for use on TV broadcasts or for situations where the camera captures the LED screen without unwanted flicker.

    All modules have blackface diodes (black) diodes, whose biggest advantage over conventional diodes is that they can display black very well, and this allows you to display a high contrast ratio that brings vivid and rich colors. The modules are less reflective, which means that they reflect a minimal amount of incident light and the LED screen will display dark shades very well.

    Thanks to these parameters, this LED screen can offer image quality comparable to OLED panels even during daylight, but with significantly higher contrast and white intensity.

    Modules with dimensions of 0.5 m x 1 m are ideal for large-format LED screens, but they can also be combined with standard module dimensions of 0.5 m x 0.5 m. All modules have an angle locking system with angles of -5 °, -2.5 °, 0 °, 2.5 °, 5 ° so they can be folded into the inner and outer angle according to the customer's needs.

    LED P 4.8 black face - OUTDOOR Curve lock
    0.5m x 1m - 300m
    0.5m x 0.5m - 100m

    LED P 3.9 black face - OUTDOOR Curve lock
    0.5m x 0.5m - 120m

    In total, the MINISTRY Rental Service company owns up to 520 m2 of these new outdoor, angle-edged LED screens, all from one series in which we guarantee the same color.

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